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This section of my site is entirely devoted to my lovley Liri. Liri was born on Saturday, Jan 15. at the astounding wheight of 2 kilos and 700 grams. Pretty small, dont you think. You can watch some pictures from her first week here. Some people told me liri and I look alike. see for yourself.

Some time has passed and here are photos from her second and third week on this planet. Guess what? more pics... this time from weeks four and five. you know what they say about fathers.... "never get to tired of taking their children's photos".

But before she was born allot of exitment was in the air. Thinking about her and taking her photos even before she was born.

Liri is 3 month old today, she can do quite alot with her face, Here is a sample of her different expressions, smiles, and yorns. Especially recomended for the ones of you who like "cuties".

And here are some more pictures from month 3 and month 4, and here are some pictures from 5th and 6th.

And here are some pictures of Liri in Prague

For the first day of her 9th month, we took some 'studio' pictures of liri.

Pictures from month 7 and month 8.

And some more pictures from month number 9.

Liri is now one year old. Here are some pictures from her birthday (and a bit more).

Here are some photos from purim 2006

You can also join the tushtush.com mailing list, and I will keep you updated on liri pictures uploaded to the site

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