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Work Experience:

8/2005 – 2/2006

Comsys Mobile – Senior Software engineer


Responsible for initiating development of the 802.16e MAC protocol


3/2001 – 8/2005

RADVISION Ltd. – Software engineer


Responsible for development of company’s leading SIP Stack protocol toolkit, a signaling protocol designed for transferring video/voice/data over IP.

As a SIP Stack protocol team member, I was responsible for designing and implementing SIP features and drafts.

As a team member my job included:

  • Understood, designed and implemented the transport module of the SIP stack, working over TCP, UDP and TLS, using sockets and select APIs.
  • Implemented multi-threaded design for reading data from the network and distributing it to "working threads".
  • Lead the development of proprietary test applications, for unit-testing and working under stress in a multi-threaded environment.
  • In charge of writing an independent DNS resolver, performing various types of DNS queries.
  • As a team member I inter-worked with other team. Defined layers interface between the team's modules.
  • Attended several inter-operability events, where code was tested against other developers, and solutions had to be delivered "on the spot"

RADVISION's main focus is on IP & cellular multimedia infrastructure for enterprises and service providers.

RADVISION is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

All R&D activities are based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


7/2000 – 3/2001

RADVISION Ltd. - QA engineer


Member of a team testing VOIP protocols. As a member of the team I tested the H323 and the SIP protocols toolkits.

  • Designing and running scripts for automated testing.
  • Using proprietary tests application to perform unit-testing

1999 – 1999

Council for High Education - System Administrator


Responsible for Administration of a medium sized NT network.

Defined and administered physical network, servers configuration and network policy


1999 - 2003

B.Sc– Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University – with honors


Military Experience:


Computing Officer in an Intelligence Unit


Professional Skills – SW engineering:

C / MS VC++ Dev. Env.

Graphical OS's: Solaris X, Linux X, Windows X

Embedded OS's: VxWorks, pSOS, Nucleus, MontaVista Linux

Debuggers: Visual Studio, Vision-Click, Tornado, gdb, ddd

Protocols: SIP, H.323


Case tools (Rational)


Personal skills:

Diligent and hard worker, willing to take on the most challenging assignments and complete them successfully, highly committed to company mission and objectives, sharp, resourceful ,quick learner, initiator & high achiever. Team player.



  • Married + 1, Born in Tel-Aviv 10/10/1976.
  • Hebrew mother tongue. English – fluent reading, writing and speaking
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